Asia is wonderful! 

She travelled great in the car all the way from Napoli to UK. 

She experienced snow for the first time in Bavaria and we stayed overnight with family in Almelo. 

She has settled in to her new home here in Nottingham, UK and loves her walks in the countryside and around our local nature park. 

Thank you Dorothea and LPA team for taking care of Asia and all the work you do for animal welfare. 

Andrea, Alex & Asia 


My Journey  by Asia

It was a cold and windy day, sat in my kennel surrounded by my canine friends watching the world go by, when my life changed.  I had come to live at Lega Pro Animale many years ago when I was just a puppy, because my Italian owners could not keep me anymore.  As the months passed by I dearly hoped for a new family to adopt me, but people just walked by my kennel and never showed any interest in me.

Then one day a lady came to play with me, she brought me treats, brushed my coat and gave me lots of cuddles.  I loved the attention and looked forward to her visits each week.  She even took me out for the day with her husband and we had a great time walking in the Italian countryside.  Then I did not see her again for a long time, 6 months in fact.  They had moved back to the UK and had to wait for my Pet Passport.  Yes, I had found a new family at last!  

I was so overjoyed when they came back and hadn’t forgotten me!  I said my goodbyes to Dorothea and friends and jumped in the car to start the journey home with my new family.

Well, what a journey it was!  We had a beautiful drive through Italy and over the Brenner Pass to Austria.  Then the blizzards came and we ended up driving through several inches of snow.  When the car stopped I experienced snow for the first time.  Brrrrrr, it was so cold I didn’t want to leave the car, but I was desperate for the toilet so I had no choice!  It was nice to get back into my warm bed again!

After driving through the night we stopped for breakfast in Germany and I was allowed in a restaurant, what a treat!  A nice lady came and gave me a bowl of water.  Then what a fright I got when I turned around and saw another dog staring at me.  I started barking, so my owners took me to greet it and I realised I was barking at my own reflection in a mirror!  I felt silly but at least I made everyone laugh!

We drove for many miles and eventually arrived in Almelo in the Netherlands to meet more of my family.  I was very well behaved in the hotel and we met our family for dinner at their house.  Again, I was on my best behaviour and everyone commented on how good I was.  My new family were very proud of me.  In the morning the sun came out and we went for a lovely long walk in Almelo Park.  

That evening we set off in the car again and arrived at the Ferry Terminal in France.  We were delayed for several hours and it poured with rain so we couldn’t even go for a nice walk.  Eventually we boarded the ferry and I had to be left alone to look after the car.  I slept for most of the journey and everything was fine with the customs checks at Dover. After driving for a several miles we stopped for a walk in the sunshine before arriving at my new home in Nottingham.

I have a huge quilted bed in my new home and there are lots of grey squirrels to chase in the garden, but there’s no chance of catching one as they’re just too quick for me!  There is a fantastic nature reserve nearby, we go walking there every day and I love to say hello to everyone.  People always stop to ask where I’m from and my new mum tells them my story.  Although I will miss my Lega Pro Animale friends who took good care of me, I’m so happy to have found a new home where I will be loved for the rest of my life. 



In Deutsch:
Asia ist geschwommen im Nottingham Hundehydrotherapie Center, als Teil von ihrer Fitnessprogramm und hat jetzt ihr Zielgewicht von 24Kg erreicht! Sie hat mir auch geholfen, für den Great North Run Marathon zu Trainieren, ein super Laufpartner! Sie hat eine wunderbare Veranlagung und Sie ist ein super Begleiter- wir sind so glücklich das Sie bei uns ist!!!

In English:
Asia has been swimming at Nottingham Canine Hydrotherapy Centre as part of her fitness/weight loss programme and has now reached her target weight of 24kg! She helped me train for the Great North Run as my running partner too! She has a wonderful temperament and is a super companion - we're so glad we adopted her! 


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